IPL Consultation and test shot $55
IPL Upper Lip/chin and complimentary underarms $55
IPL Bikini hair reduction $55.
IPL Bikini and Underarms $65
IPL Brazilian hair reduction $85
IPL Brazilian and Underarms $95
IPL Full Face rejuvenation $100
IPL Cheeks Vascular $65
IPL Back of hands pigment $65
IPL Half leg hair reduction $185
IPL Man’s Back hair reduction $185 
IPL Neck and decolletage $120                       

IPL Full leg $300
Skin consultation and mini facial $80

Skin consultation and IPL consult. $110
LED Light treatment $80
Enzyme treatment facial $80
Enzyme and LED facial $100
Acne treatment using products and IPL $100
Collagen Induction Therapy $229
Terra Sana clay facial and LED.  $100