Mary offers a range of different skin care treatments. Whether you just want to keep your skin looking young and feeling great, or need treatment for specific skin conditions, Mary has safe, affordable, and effective services for you.  She is a corneotherapist, nurse and experienced IPL operator.

Skin care treatments include:

  •  Acne Treatment using Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and dermaviduals products.
  • Spider Vein Removal for unsightly broken capillaries.
  • Pigmentation Treatment for reduction of pigmented lesions, red and brown spot removal. A letter from your doctor is required saying the lesions have been checked and are safe to be treated is required before this treatment is undertaken.
  • Anti wrinkle treatments and fillers.  
  • Advanced skin analysis and mini facial.
  • A range of customised facials to suit your skin.  These include and enzyme facial and a terra sana clay mask.

Mary stocks and recommends dermavidual products.

Would you like to know more about the products you are using on your skin and what ingredients you should be avoiding?  Did you know that perfume/fragrance is the number one skin irritant. If a products smells good it is to cover up the smell of some of the nasty ingredients in it. Phenoxyethanol is a common ingredient used as a preservative but can cause skin irritation and dermatitis.

Be wary of labeling such as for acne, sensitive skin, anti aging. natural and organic.  These are all marketing hype. I looked at a product labeled Sensitive Beauty skin Care the other day and it had 14 nasty ingredients in it. Yes it would make your skin sensitive if used for a period of time. You only need one nasty ingredient to cause damage to your skin.

Baby wipes you would think are safe to use but many of these contain Parabens, know endocrine disrupters and these have been found in breast cancer tumors. Go back to basics and use tissues and wet face-washers. You will save money and help the environment.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Our keratinocytes communicate with all our other cells so if they are not functioning correctly you will have an impaired barrier and skin disorders.

Want to know more. Book in for a skin consultation and mini facial. You will leave being very educated.

Mary from Mary’s Skin Care Launceston can be contacted on 0438311297 or email