Hi Mary, just a quick message to let you know my skin is looking wonderful!  So much improvement in just one week.  Thank you so much.  Looking forward to my next appointment.

I had always struggled with ingrown hairs, shaving rash, etc, and had tried various methods of hair removal with little success.

I had been seeing Mary for facial treatments and started talking to her about IPL treatments.
I ended up having a test shot and was very impressed with the results. After 6 or 7 quick and easy treatments I am now hair free on my bikini line and underarms.
Not only that, but my skin has also visibly improved in these areas. I would definitely recommend Mary’s IPL treatments for anyone wanting effective hair reduction.


Hi Mary,
I would like to let you know,and others what a great improvement I have noticed with my red,
broken capillaries on my chest area.   After having the IPL treatment, the redness and the veins are definitely reduced substantially.
The best thing of all is the happy,thoughtful and caring attitude which is hard to find nowadays.
I have also started the skincare,and think the starter pack was a great price,after studying the
catalogue,and deciding the products I thought I would need, I was very happy that it was all
in the pack,and more,which saved me buying all the products separately.
I love the home service. Thanks Mary. You do a wonderful job,with such a friendly great attitude.


Hi Mary    IPL hair reduction.

How to describe what you have done for me? My initial consult was for a microderm and I was so impressed with your service that I decided to try IPL. The day of my appointment I remember saying “I don’t feel comfortable with this and perhaps a waste of money, I just want to stick to waxing”. You gently and professionally explained the benefits and procedure and I remember saying “well for some reason I trust you”, thankfully I did. Wow I am now a convert of IPL and most of all you. You work with your clientele on an individual basis and with a professionalism not often seen. I have shaved and waxed for over 25 years and now with only five treatments this area of my life has been totally transformed. No more coarse thick hair…yes too good to be true, but it is.

Thank you so so much.


I have been a client of Mary’s for the last few years and have found her to be very professional at all times, reassuring and extremely conscientious while managing to make me feel relaxed at the same time. The treatment has been for reducing hair growth and I have experienced good results. Mary’s experience and knowledge in the area of IPL treatment is extensive.  I feel completely confident being treated by Mary and have no hesitation recommending her to my friends.


Hi Mary              IPL hair reduction.

I consider your IPL treatment of my legs is coming along really well with perhaps one more session to go to erase a few stray hairs. It is always lovely to visit your home treatment room, the welcome always bubbly and your professional manner outstanding. This is so important for hair removal treatments to feel safe and to always be asked how I am feeling throughout the session is reassuring also. I have found you always conscientious in explaining the process and outcome to be expected, and pain levels discussed at the end of each treatment. I have found it to be very easy to tolerate . In my case, starting on the lower leg area first gave me an instant relief from the thicker growth and lovely soft skin. As we progressed with this area, the upper legs have been treated also with excellent results! I don’t have to even think about ” the legs” anymore when going out! Thanks Mary, I know you will be successful because you are passionate about what you do !!

See you soon


IPL hair reduction.

I have been seeing Mary White for the past few months for the treatment of unwanted body hair, and have been very happy with the results I have experienced. Mary is professional whilst also being friendly and caring over what can be an embarrassing condition. Mary fully explains, and is honest about the nature of her treatments, the results which you can expect to see and offers a much more personalised and affordable service than what other large companies do. Mary’s nursing training is also an added reassurance and I would encourage anyone who is hesitant (like I was) to book an appointment to consider the treatments Mary offers, as the results I have experienced have made me less self-conscious and are now something I wish I had booked in for earlier. Thank you, Mary!


Finally a business that is fun, friendly yet professional Affordable and effective treatments that give you amazing results. Mary’s Skin Care is a small business located in Prospect owned by Mary White. She has had many years in the beauty industry and is a registered nurse. Her knowledge base and professionalism is a guarantee that she can advise and treat all types of skin conditions. I have tried her Microdermabrasion treatment which is a non-invasive treatment that can be described as ‘sandblasting and suction the dead skin cells off the face You think that even with the strictest skin care regime your skin would have no dead skin cells How wrong was I! Mary showed me post treatment and I was appalled. The end result was beautiful smooth skin with a radiance that no product could achieve. I also have had a series of IPL treatments and I am so glad that I did. No longer do I have to worry about unsightly hair on my bikini line or top lip. Simply amazing how far these treatments have come since they were invented. IPL can be used for vascular conditions such a broken capillaries, reduction of pigmented lesions caused by sun damage, skin rejuvenation by stimulating our own collagen production and can also be used 10 assist in managing acne. Permanent hair reduction for unwanted dark hairs on males and females is a must for anyone that no longer wants to wax, tweeze or shave and stop ingrown hairs.

She stocks and sells ASAP skin care products which are an Australian range of skin care cosmeceuticals. which are suitable for a wide range of skin types and ages. These products have active ingredients such as AHA’s (these breakdown the glue that holds dead skin cells on) so by using them you see a noticeable difference in your skin.

The best thing about Mary’s Skin Care is the affordability of the treatment she offers. Prices for such treatments can be costly however Mary realises the importance of offering affordable treatments. Her prices are very competitive and her bubbling personality is the Icing on the cake for this small business. For special care and total confidentiality with your treatments, ‘don’t be hairy, Go see Mary’.


16 February 2011

To whom it may concern For the last few months, Mary White has been my therapist in Launceston. I found Mary to be courteous and friendly, but also very competent in her work. She clearly and fully explained the procedures of the treatment I was having, and whilst she recommended the treatment, she at no time “pressured” me into having any treatments. It was also lovely to have a slightly more mature lady to look after me, as I didn’t fancy dealing with a “teenager” in some rather personal matters. I also felt confident with the treatments as Mary is an enrolled nurse and I felt reassured that she understood the health-related implications of the treatments she performed.

Yours faithfully,


I have been employed in the beauty industry for nearly twenty years and I’ve seen a lot of clients who have had IPL treatments for hair, vascular dilation and excessive pigmentation problems. Sadly I have also seen a lot of damage by less than qualified operators of IPL machines – burns, scars and increases in pigmentation. Mary White is not one of those operators. Hailing from a practical medical background, Mary is caution yet conscientious in diagnosing and designing the most effective yet safe treatment for your condition. I see Mary myself to ‘get zapped’ and as I suffer from a medical condition that increases my sensitivity to light, I won’t go anywhere else. She is also the only IPL operator I recommend my clients too. Mary White is the only one I trust with my most precious asset; my skin.


I have been putting myself in Mary’s gentle hands for about 12 months or so now and I can thoroughly recommend for anyone to go to her for the large variety of services she provides! A friend recommended me to her, and since then I have recommended many of my friends to go there and so many others have done the same.., and now she is a busy woman which shows she is worth going back to! Not only has she made her work area a very pleasant and relaxing area, but Mary is very welcoming and professional and gives good sound advice and information with all that she does! Her prices are very reasonable and realistic, which also makes it easier to go back again! As Mary works from home it is also fantastic not trying to find parks in town etc as you can park right outside the front door! Great place to go for a treat and to boost how you feel about yourself and there are also lovely skin products etc which Mary knows about what is right for your skin. . All I can say is ENJOY!


For many, many years I have felt the pain of humiliation when unkind or just insensitive people, have pointed out to me the hair growing on my chin and lower jaw, oh and the occasional one on my neck !! They would take me aside and quietly tell me, it may as well have been put on the front page of the local newspaper. What these people didn’t take into account was how these comments would make me feel, embarrassed, upset, angry because apparently I was less than feminine. Good bye self esteem. It took me a few months to pluck (pardon the pun) up the courage to ring Mary, it was by far the smartest thing I have done in many years. The reduction in Facial hair is amazing, I’m not the butt of facial hair jokes anymore, you can imagine how that feels, fantastic. Mary has also used the laser to get rid of some large, brown sun/age spots and tiny, red veins on my face with brilliant results. My face doesn’t look dirty anymore.!! Don’t wait for years like I did, ring Mary. She is professional, kind and so easy to talk to and you will feel so at ease. Don’t hesitate, ring Mary now.



Hi Mary,

have been seeing Mary for IPL and Microdermabrasion treatments over the last two years and find her to be very professional and caring. I leave her clinic feeling refreshed and relaxed seeing great results in no time at all.  Mary always takes the time to explain every procedure she is about to perform, so I am confident and I trust her experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary’s services to anyone who will listen. Thank you Mary for helping me on my journey to feeling good about my appearance!

Warmest regards,


5 September 2012

I have known Mary for a few years and have been seeing her for IPL treatment for hair elimination. The procedures have been very successful, requiring only four treatments and I now only need an occasional maintenance shot. Even after the first procedure I had noticeable results. As a registered nurse myself, I am very critical of hygiene practices and professionalism. I feel very confident with the procedures performed by Mary. Her experience and knowledge in the area of IPL is extensive. Mary offers a very affordable service and for only a few more dollars than you would spend on a wax, why wouldn’t you try IPL treatments. It has longer lasting results and holidaying is far more enjoyable as you don’t experience any day 5 regrowth. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary and her Skin Care Clinic.  I only wish that this procedure was available 20 years ago! Thank you Mary White


To anyone considering treatment with Mary’s Skin Care. Mary has been my skin consultant for over a year now. She is solely responsible for erasing all the damage I inflict on my sign whilst hiking in extreme conditions. I have pigment reduction, skin rejuvenation, capillary treatments & microdermabrasions & I have to say my skin has never looked better! All the pigmentation I was so conscious about on my neck has all but gone! Mary is a caring, well trained technician, she ticks all the boxes. Become one of her happy customers today!


I would recommend Mary, from the first treatment I had with her I felt comfortable and at ease and she answered any questions I had about the treatment. I have been extremely pleased with the results I have obtained through using IPL. I was able to notice results after just one treatment. The impressive service standards and empathy means I can be hair free at an affordable price.


60 December 2011

To whom it may concern MARY WHITE I have known Mary for over 12 months now and have been visiting her every 3-6 weeks for treatments on red facial veins and facial hair removal and for the removal of brown spots on hands. Also her wonderfully relaxing facial and hand microdermabrasions which are so inexpensive. Mary has always been very pleasant, friendly and professional. She is always on time. Her prices are very affordable compared to other beauty clinics. I an confidently recommend Mary and her skin care clinic to everyone, male or female.


How to describe what you have done for me? My initial consult was for a microderm and I was so impressed with your service that I decided to try IPL. The day of my appointment I remember saying “I don’t feel comfortable with this and perhaps a waste of money, I just want to stick to waxing”. You gently and professionally explained the benefits and procedure and I remember saying “well for some reason I trust you”, thankfully I did. Wow I am now a convert of IPL and most of all you. You work with your clientele on an individual basis and with a professionalism not often seen. I have shaved and waxed for over 25 years and now with only five treatments this area of my life has been totally transformed. No more coarse thick hair…yes too good to be true, but it is. Thank you so so much.


I have known Mary professionally for three years – due to the nature of my facial hair – upper lip and chin-my initial IPL treatment was most uncomfortable but now I must say the results for me are very successful and as I still travel it is so good not to have to worry when overseas – after so many years of embarrasment (plucking trimming bleaching) I only now need a treatment every six months – now my treatment is bearable and really no discomfort.  With the expertise and medical background that Mary has I have always had the re-assurance I needed – she is always welcoming with her warmth and understanding and the appointment time very quickly passes as a positive – THANK YOU MARY


Hi Mary,

I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you for the vast improvement your treatment has made to the look of my hands. The ‘age spots are so much less noticeable. You have been very thorough, careful and professional in your service. I appreciate all you have done, and look forward to continuing the process after summer.


I have been seeing Mary at Mary’s Skin Care for microdermabrasions for the last few months. I had been toying with the idea of doing something about my skin for a while as I was getting frustrated with my large pores, blackheads and congestion. A friend recommended Mary to me so I thought I’d give her a go — I am so pleased I did! Not only is she very reasonably priced, Mary is also very skilled at what she does. I noticed within a few days after my first session that my skin had visibly improved. My pores were less noticeable and most of my congestion had disappeared. I now have a session every three weeks to keep on top of it, and my skin is definitely a lot clearer and smoother for it.



You provide a very safe and friendly service which I am happy to recommend to anyone! Cheers


Hi Mary,

Thank you for my treatment on Friday. I had no idea what to expect as I’ve never had any skin treatments done before but wanted to let you know that the improvement in just one treatment has been unreal. I was quite nervous about receiving the Intense Pulse Light and microdermabrasion, however I did not need to be and was thrilled with the results and the amazing individualised care you provide. My broken capillary is hardly noticeable now – and after only one treatment the texture of my skin is so much better! I’ll definitely be back again next month for a follow up treatment. You are a truly gifted therapist and a very caring person, thank you for the high quality of your service and the care that went into ensuring I felt comfortable, relaxed and enjoyed myself.


I had very bad pigmentation and age spots from years of sun damage, and thanks to Mary and her IPL machine has zapped them away. I have had two sessions and I can’t believe the results, they have faded over around a week and I can now see my normal skin with no age spots, it is nice to have youthful skin again. I also had some veins on the side of my nose that were ugly and dark, and Mary zapped those away, and the results for those were instant, gone in a second. Thanks Mary, I really appreciate your terrific services, I look forward to seeing you again to do my hands and get rid of some of my liver spots. Valerie, Prospect, Tasmania


Wendy  IPL pigmentation treatment.

Awesome stuff Mary! After the amazing IPL on my hands and micro and I am definitely  coming back for more – girls if you do nothing else for yourselves get your hands done – I can totally recommend it – mine look years younger!!! Keep up the good work Mary – c u soon 😉

Justin     IPL pigmentation treatment.

Yes I have to agree! My hands were in a dreadful state when I first went to Mary & she managed to get rid of the unsightly spots that I disliked so much, the skin tone also improve & was softer & could absorb creams better after I had them…

Laura 10.11.2014.  Acne treatment with dermaviduals products.

Hi Mary, I just wanted you to know that I’ve noticed a massive change with my acne and face already, after just one visit.   Thank you so much.  Laura.

Rena  7.11.2014.  Rejuvenation facial using dermaviduals products.

Wow this facial is amazing!!!! Mary did this treatment on me yesterday and it felt so good and we could see the difference already but then when I woke this morning the results were more amazing.  As my skin and whole body has been through so much I have been very sick for a long time now and have just had more surgery, due to this every part of me has been dangerously dehydrated.  When I went to see Mary I looked like something had sucked all of the life out of me and I looked like I had aged so much it was terrible.  Now I have shine, plump and a glowing look back, plus my wrinkles are more refine thank god!!!

So seriously everyone that needs a pick me up treatment this is the for you. Thanks to the gorgeous beautiful Mary.


Simone 19.12.201
Thank you for an amazing treatment today Mary. You don’t just leave a glow on people’s skin but in their heart too.

Lynda  9.12.2014

Thanks for your time today and making my skin feel amazing.


The service that Mary provides is fantastic. Not only is she a good laugh, but she is also very easy to talk to and very supportive. Her knowledge of skin care is amazing and i always leave there feeling refreshed. Thanks for all the “Zapping” Mary xx