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Mary’s Skin Care Care Launceston has many years of knowledge and experience to help her clients with acne. You need to book in for a 1.5 hour skin consultation and analysis. During this time a thorough medical and cosmetic chemistry history will be taken. You will have your photos taken with our Observ imaging equipment which will help with diagnosing your skin concerns and how these can be addressed and corrected.

She has a range of facial treatments that will be customized to suit your skin as no two people have the same finger print or the same skin.

The products and treatments she uses are skin identical and will not cause long term harm.  There is so much marketing hype that it is easy to get confused and try a range of different skin care products. Seek professional advice before you waste your money.  She will advise you on what products, ingredients, make-up and supplements to use to get you healthy skin.  She will also advise you on ingredients in skin care to avoid. Either Mary or Rachel will give you educated, honest advice and won’t push you to purchase unwanted products.

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What is acne?

  • Acne is a multi-factorial skin disorder of the pilosebaceous unit which comprises the hair follicle and sebaceous gland. Problems arise when endocrine secretions (hormones) influence the cells and systems of the skin resulting in an increase in sebaceous gland activity (oil secretions) and the resulting cellular debris as well as an increase in skin cellular turnover resulting in blocked hair follicle entrances as well as an over proliferation and imbalance in microbial diversity (skin bacteria). Acne can be caused from a cosmetic product such as skin care and/or makeup, poor nutrition/water intake, medications and work/play lifestyle. During your skin consultation, and depending on the grade of acne, you will be recommend to a Naturopathic Practitioner to support internally while your skin treatment therapist works topically.
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Allow 1.5 hours for an in depth skin consultation and analysis. Please bring all of your skin care products with you and wear no make up.  The cost for this is $125.00. You will then make an educated informed decision on what you should be using on your skin with no hype and no B.S marketing.  Trust a corneotherapist for the most up to date honest information.