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Anti Wrinkle

Anti-wrinkle treatments are available in association with Dr Ian Hoyle. Dr. Hoyle has over 10 years experience in the appearance medicine industry and will be here once a month to meet all your skin and aesthetic requirements.  He is also available to do skin checks if you are concerned about any lesions or skin conditions. Over the last 4 months he has diagnosed 6 clients who had basal cell carcinomas and squamous cells carcinomas. Left untreated these would have continued to grow and then need more invasive surgery than is required when they are diagnosed early. He can remove them for you in his rooms in Hobart or refer you to another dermatologist in Launceston.

Collagen Induction Therapy

Using our state of the art CIT pen, we are able to induce new collagen formation to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles and soften scar tissue such as acne scarring    The CIT-pen stimulates the beginning of collagen remodelling by creating microscopic pixelated injuries in the dermis of the skin. This can often be combined with Vitamin C,  or Platelet Rich Plasma as part of a rejuvenation protocol.  To find out more about CIT click here collagen induction therapy

You may also purchase a home roller to use at home.  We will educate you on how to use this and advise you on the best products to use in conjunction with home rolling.  I will only sell these to clients who are using dermaviduals products so you will achieve the best results.  dermal rolling collagen induction therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Using a small sample of blood and Regen plasma separation tubes, we can isolate your body’s own regenerative mediators known as growth factors. These growth factors can be injected into the dermis to aid repair and rejuvenation. We often use this technique in combination with E-pen collagen induction therapy

Light Emitting Diode Therapy (LED)

LED light has been shown to stimulate fibroblast activity in the skin which are specialized cells required for collagen formation in the skin- so promoting fine line reduction and increased skin volume. LED therapy

Injectable Anti Wrinkle Treatments

Dr Hoyle is a G.P with a special interest in Dermatology and anti aging treatments.   He has over ten years experience in  aesthetics and dermatology and is also trained in a wide variety of medical conditions that are also treated by injectable muscle relaxants. They include treatments for Wrinkles , Hyperhidrosis (excess sweating),Migraines, Planter Fasciitis, Cervicogenic  Headaches.

Injectable Fillers

We are able to lift, replace facial volume and fill wrinkles with our suite of fillers from Allergan, i.e cheek implants, lip enhancements and naso labial folds.