I hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Where has the last month gone? It doesn’t seem that long a go that I was sitting here writing the March newsletter and looking forward to the Easter break. Well the 4 days off was great. We had our lovely daughter Emma home until the Monday and it was great to have some family time together.

I don’t have any trips away planned for this month but I will be away from the 4th to 6th May inclusive for further dermaviduals product training.
Easter Hamper giveaway winner.

For those of you that had a guess at how many chocolates were in the jar for your chance to win the hamper. There were 77. The lucky winner was Wendy who was very surprised and excited when I rang to notify her. I was pleased for her as she interacts with my facebook posts on a regular basis.
Keep watching my facebook posts and please keep interacting. Occasionally I do a random giveaway for a treatment or a product so you need to keep interacting for your chance to win one of these. Facebook is now making it harder for posts to be seen and would like businesses pay to get there posts seen. You can help me by liking, commenting or sharing my posts. Think of it as like = bronze, comment = silver and a share=gold. https://www.facebook.com/Maryskincare

I have started studying cosmetic chemistry and learning about products and ingredients. Wow what an interesting subject this is. I love googling products and ingredients to see what is in them and I am becoming more aware of the harmful chemicals that we apply to our skin and our children. e.g hand washes, toothpaste, shampoo and baby wipes. How many toxic things we breathe in like oven cleaner fumes.

I am not a scientist or a doctor but what I read makes me more educated and I am then able to share this with clients. Because I use and recommend dermaviduals products, which are based on the principles of corneotherapy (maintaining a healthy skin, repairing the barrier and using products that avoid using harmful ingredients) this makes sense to me to look at what we are using in our homes for cleaning and the makeup we are applying.

I am going to start blogging on my web page with what I find. If you are a facebook fan you will notice that I am now doing more educational posts, such as how to clean your oven without using nasty chemicl sprays, how to make your own liquid foaming hand soap and ingredients to beware of. I have found a great little shop called The Organic Grocery store and they are located at fiveways, near Cripps bakery. https://www.facebook.com/organicgrocerystore

Here is my web page link which I am currently updating with some new prices for treatments also. http://maryskincare.com.au/

ANTI WRINKLE TREATMENTS http://www.cascadeaesthetics.com.au/
Dr. Hoyle. The next date will be this Saturday 18th April 2015. Sorry for the late notice but the day is already booked out. The next date will be the 9th May and then the 6th June so don’t delay if you wish to make an appointment to see him.

He is here once a month on a Saturday to do anti wrinkle treatments, fillers, treatments for excessive underarm sweating (hyperhydrosis) and skin consultations. If you have a skin lesion you are concerned about please book in and get it checked. Better to be safe than sorry. He has already picked up and treated basal and squamous cell carcinomas on clients whilst doing treatments here. He is based in Hobart, so not a fly in, fly out doctor. He is a cosmetic dermatology physician. He offers a friendly, professional consultation, will give you his recommendations and quote you a price before doing any treatment. For further information on his treatments please check out his web page here. http://www.cascadeaesthetics.com.au/

Mother’s Day Offer from dermaviduals.
This month receive a bonus 50ml hand cream and a cosmetic bag with the purchase of any 2 products. This offer is proving very popular and I have limited stock so if you need products stock up now and get your complimentary hand cream and bag.
Sorry for the delay in getting this newsletter out but with a business to run, facebook posts, instagram, web page updates, a bit of family time and catching up with friends the days go so fast. Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support and referrals to my business.
Remember ” Don’t be Hairy, come see Mary.”