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Where did August go?  This year is flying by so fast.  August was an amazing month for me when I celebrated my 55th year of life.  I took the day off work and spent the day with one of my best friends and my sister. 

We went to the Quiet Cone at Latrobe for a gong session, which was different, but a very enjoyable experience for us.
For more information click on the link.  We then went to the Cherry Shed at Latrobe for a beautiful lunch.  After this it was a visit to Reliquaire,  a gift and toy shop which was destroyed by fire in 2015.  They have now re opened in Hamilton street, Latrobe.

Andrew and I went out for tea that night and I was spoiled with gifts, messages, texts and phone calls.  I felt very blessed and thanks to everyone who messaged me and sent their love.

To celebrate my birthday I thought it would be nice to do another give away and this time we are supporting one of Launceston’s womens shelter. I am asking for donations to be left here of new clothes such as ladies knickers, socks, singlets, toiletries such as soap, shampoo/conditioner, hair brushes, combs, face washers, towels, pillows.  Basically anything that would help if you had just left home and had nothing.  As long as the items are new.  You can also donate money if you wish. Some clients have been very motivated and cleaned out their bathroom cupboards of unwanted gifts and other generous people have donated an amazing amount of  items.  Everyone who donates will go in the draw to win either a customised 1 hour facial from my business or a 1 hour float at G floats.   Floating is something I have discovered this year and I highly recommend to my clients to try as magnesium is better absorbed trans dermal than orally.
This will be running until the end of September and then all the goodies will be given to the women’s shelter and 2 lucky winners will be drawn.

Dr. Hoyle. Due to amazing popularity of our doctor and these treatments he will be here again Saturday and Sunday, 24th and 25th September.  After that he will be here again 15th October, 12th November and the 17th December.

These days book out fast so please book in soon if you would like an appointment to see him.
If you have any skin lesions your are concerned about  you can also have a skin check.
FAST. This week is stroke awareness week. Do you know the warning signs of a stroke? One of my dear friends husband has just had one and she was saying she didn’t know of the FAST test. Face check, has their mouth dropped, can they smile, ask them to poke their tongue out and check if it goes to one side. Arms, can they lift them both? Speech is it slurred, can they understand you? Time is critical, if any of these signs call 000 immediately. Some strokes are fatal, others cause permanent or temporary disability. There may be other symptoms but if in doubt please call 000. You may save a life or reduce the chance of brain damage.

This month you can purchase a travel pack which includes a 30ml milk cleanser, face tonic,mask with vitamins and a 50ml moisturiser.  These normally retail for $114 but this month they are $99.  These are great for traveling and the small bottles are refillable.

Thank you to everyone that keeps supporting and recommending my business to your family and friends.  I am still amazed at how many new clients I keep getting each week.  This enables me to keep my treatments being affordable for you.  I love what I do and enjoy learning.  I will be away October 9th to 12th for more training.

Remember don’t be hairy, come see Mary