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Welcome to 2015. Family news
I hope you all had a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

I had a lovely break spent with my family. I did manage to repaint my treatment room and I am very pleased with the new look. We had some family photos taken just before Christmas as we hadn’t had any of these done since the children were very young.

Emma will be returning to Qld to live on the 12th January.  Her plans are to get a job and work before heading off to a trip to Europe in May.

Nic will start his Uni degree in business studies here in Launceston in February.
I am off to Melbourne 12th and13th January for further training. I will then be away again from the 11th to 16th February, otherwise business as usual.

Christmas Hamper giveaway winner.
For those of you that had a guess at how many lollies were in the jar for your chance to win the hamper. There were 121 lollies. No one guessed the number but the first closest guess went to Donna.  I was so excited for this lady to win this prize as I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving and she has been a loyal and regular client since I started my business.

Stay in contact via facebook or emails for the next giveaway.
Keep watching my facebook posts and please keep interacting. Occasionally I do a random giveaway for a treatment or a product so you need to keep interacting for your chance to win one of these.  Facebook is now making it harder for posts to be seen and would like businesses  to pay to get their posts seen.  You can help me by liking, commenting or sharing my posts. Think of it as like = bronze, comment = silver and a share=gold.

Dr. Hoyle. The next date will be the 7th February 2015.
He is here once a month on a Saturday to do anti wrinkle treatments, fillers, treatments for excessive underarm sweating  (hyperhydrosis) and skin consultations. If you have a skin lesion you are concerned about please book in and get it checked.  Better to be safe than sorry. He has already picked up and treated basal and squamous cell carcinomas on clients whilst doing treatments here.  He is based in Hobart, so not a fly in, fly out doctor.  He is a cosmetic dermatology physician. He offers a friendly, professional consultation, will give you his recommendations and quote you a price before doing any treatment. For further information on his treatments please check out his web page here.
These days book out fast so please book in soon if you would like an appointment to see him.

I now have a menu written which describes more of my treatments.  You can view it by clicking on this link.  Please take a moment to have a look at it.
The JANUARY special is 10% OFF all dermavidual products. Stock up now.
If you wish to know about the products I stock dermaviduals please check out their page.

It was brought to my attention that people believe I no longer do microdermabrasions.  This is not true.  I will still do a micro for you if after assessing your skin I find you are suitable to have one.  I do not do them just because people have had one before and think this is what their skin needs. Our skin is a very delicate, thin barrier and we do not need to be continually stripping it.  I also offer enzyme treatments which will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin without the mechanical abrasion.  Research is now showing that people who have a lot of peels and micro’s (over exfoliating) are in fact ageing themselves faster.  I am being a responsible therapist and not doing treatments just to make money.

Until next time stay safe, thank you for all your referrals and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Don’t be hairy, come see Mary. ox