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July holiday
I had a great holiday in July when I took a week off to spend on the Gold Coast with our daughter for her birthday.  We were lucky enough to get away to O’Reilly’s mountain retreat  and do some bush walking, enjoy a hot stone massage and the next day go hot air ballooning. 

It was a great experience for us both and I thoroughly enjoyed the hot air ballooning, not scary at all and if you get the chance I would say do it.

In my spare time I am enjoying getting out and finding new things to do.  My husband and I have become very fond of going for a bushwalk when we get the chance.  We are lucky that we have some beautiful scenery and places to visit in Tassie.  We have been to Ralph’s Falls, Notley Gorge and West Moreland falls to name a few places.,-ralph-falls-and-cashs-gorge.


Floating.  Gfloats, inner sanctum float therapy

This was another experience I tried on Saturday and again on Tuesday.  If you haven’t been floating I highly recommend giving it a go. You will feel so relaxed and it has a lot of health benefits.  It doesn’t matter if you are claustrophobic as you are in control and can open the lid at any time if you want to.  This is based in Youngtown and there are 3 pods available to hire and you can also get a gift voucher for that hard to buy for person.



Trade in your old products.
This is the box I have in my room where people can bring in their old products and I will analyse the ingredients that are in them. If they contain any nasty ingredients you can trade them in a receive a discount off your purchases of dermavidual products.


It is amazing how much false marketing there is with products. You see products labelled anti acne, for sensitive skin, anti ageing, dermatologically tested etc. This often means nothing when you have a read of the ingredients and see what they are derived from and how they can cause more irritations to sensitive skin or even make your acne worse.

If you would like to know more about what you are using on your skin bring your products into me when you book in for a skin consultation/analysis and a mini facial. Many people are surprised when I explain to them how dangerous some ingredients are. Some baby wipes are the worst culprits, full of parabens, which are known endocrine disrupters and have been found in breast cancer tumor tissue. Baby wipes and face wipes are good for removing stains from carpets or make up of your jacket collars. Not on skin please.

Dr. Hoyle. The next date will be this Saturday 13th August, then the 24th September, 15th October, 12th November and 17th December.

We mainly do Saturday’s but sometimes a Sunday as well depending on demand.
If you wish to make an appointment please let me know as I do the bookings. Remember he can also do skin checks if you have any concerns or need pigmented lesions checked prior to IPL treatments.

Mary’s Menu
I now have a menu written which describes more of my treatments. You can view it by clicking on this link. Please take a moment to have a look at it.

It was brought to my attention that people believe I no longer do microdermabrasions. This is not true. I will still do a micro for you if after assessing your skin I find you are suitable to have one. I do not do them just because people have had one before and think this is what their skin needs. Our skin is a very delicate, thin barrier and we do not need to be continually stripping it. I offer enzyme treatments which will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin without the mechanical abrasion or a beautiful Terra Sana Clay mask which is a mix of clay, serums and creams, warmed and gently massaged into the skin with brushes. This helps to realign the skins bi-layers, cleanses, hydrates and your face will feel amazing after it. Research is now showing that people who have a lot of peels and microdermabrasions (over exfoliating) are in fact aging themselves faster. I am being a responsible therapist and not doing treatments just to make money.

Until next time stay safe, thank you for all your referrals and I look forward to seeing you soon.
Don’t be hairy, come see Mary. ox