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I haven’t had a price rise in 7 years believe it or not!
Here are the updated prices for IPL.

Lip and chin $55
Underarm $55
Bikini $60
Brazilian $70
Bikini and underarms  $65
Brazilian and underarms $75
Half leg or mans back $185
Back of hands $80
Full face rejuvenation$100
Decolletage $80

Facial IPL for unwanted hair is staying the same as that was the reason I set my business up, to help women with unwanted facial hair. My hand pieces that I use have a limited amount of shots that can be fired before they have to be replaced. They are nearly $3000.00 each. My machine is serviced monthly instead of every 3 months to keep it running in top condition. Filters are nearly $200 each and the cost has risen for the ultrasound gel.

Facials are now $110.00 as some (not all) Dermavidual prices have gone up by 5%.
Customised serums are now $110.00 each.
Collagen Induction Therapy treatments are now $220.00


Don’t forget I’ll be heading away to do some important further education and I don’t want you to miss out if you’ve been meaning to book in with me!

16th – 18th July and
25th – 28th August

I have limited appointments available around these dates so don’t dilly dally!


You can’t shave a hair too short so please don’t come with any hairs that are going to be waving at me – this will incur a $10 surcharge to cover my time to shave the area, wash the towels and one time use of razor.


If you haven’t already, make sure you book in for our anti-aging clinic with our awesome Doctor who specialises in dermatology and will be here again.

21st July
1st September
27th October
24th November and then the 15th December.

All bookings are made through my business. If you’d like an appointment please contact me on  0438 311 297.

Finally thank you for all of your ongoing support of my business and recommendations to your family and friends.If you feel inclined, I’d really appreciate it if you would give me a Review on Facebook. Simply click here

“Don’t be hairy, go see Mary”
“What you put under your pits may affect your tits”, and
“what you put on your mane may affect your brain”.