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Hello July!

Here we are in July and so far we remain Covid-19 safe thank goodness, unlike our dear friends and colleagues in Victoria.

We think it’s important to be reminded of the COVID-19 protocols, to ensure we all remain safe and well.

Please do NOT enter the premises if:
1. You or someone in your household/workplace has returned from overseas within the last 14 days
2. You are experiencing any coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing or fever-like symptoms
3. You have been in contact with an individual that has tested positive to COVID-19

Hand washing as well as sanitation will be available to all whom enter the premises.

Mary and Kai are following strict hygiene protocols as per the Aesthetics Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) and abiding by the guidelines of the Tasmanian Government surrounding COVID-19.

We’re excited to be back at work and here’s a reminder of our opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.
Saturday 9.30am to 5.00pm.
We take time for a lunch break between 12 and 1.00pm.

Mary has now started line dancing💃🏻so she will be out of the business Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Kai has days off that suit him.

Mary will now be focusing on IPL treatments for the permanent reduction of unwanted dark hair, pigmentation and vascular conditions. Remember a letter from your GP or dermatologist will be required before any pigmentation treatments.

Kai will be performing most skin consultations, facials and Collagen Induction therapy treatments.

If you need to pick up products please message either of us, preferably Mary by text on 0438 311 297 so we can make a time for you and not keep you waiting if we are in the midst of a treatment with clients. If you are requiring a customised serum, foundation, cleanser or moisturiser it helps us if we know that so we can make it up in advance.

Kai has holidays booked from 13th August to 23rd August.



We are discontinuing our MooGoo Dusty Girl makeup and the products are available to purchase at a discounted price of 15%! The range includes liquid and mineral foundations, eye shadows, blushers, lip sticks and kabuki brushes. 100% Natural Vegan Friendly Australian Made Free From… Synthetic ingredients & preservatives, Parabens, Talc, Silicone and Bismuth.

Anti-ageing dates with our fantastic doctor who specialises in Dermatology. These are the next dates.

This Saturday 18th July.
15th August,
12th September,
10th October.

All bookings are made through my business. If you’d like an appointment please contact me on 0438 311 297.

Make up brushes should be washed weekly in  a mild detergent such as Moo Goo milk wash and dried with a soft clean cloth and then dried on a windowsill.

Try not to keep them in a make up bag or in a drawer if possible. Just think about the bacteria breeding in a dark place and then it spreading over your face.

Disposable razors. Ideally used once then thrown out but because of the cost we reuse them. To prevent a skin infection called follicutis (inflammation of the hair follicles) your razor should be rinsed after each use and left to dry preferably on a window sill in the sun with the cap off.

If you have acne ensure you use a clean face cloth every time you wash your face, ideally double cleanse of a night and once of a morning with a gentle suitable skin cleanser. Definitely no face wipes as they often contain ingredients that don’t support skin function.

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”What you put on your lips may affect your liver, lymph nodes and kidneys.”
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