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July Take 2! It is with much sadness for myself, my business and you my dear loyal clients that I write this to let you know that my best friend, amazing employee, skin therapist extraordinaire will be finishing work with me on the 12th August.

Kai has applied for the position of head trainer with dermaviduals and he achieved his goal and secured the position.  He will be moving to Albury to work. I always knew that one day he would be leaving here to go onto greater things. Unfortunately for us it happened sooner than expected.

From the day I met Kai at a dermavidual product training I knew he was going to to a leader and educator in the field of skin and skin care products. I joked how we would be paying money to go and listen to him and how I would always have a front row seat and brag about how I met him and he worked for me when he was a young corneotherapist.

I am so proud of this man who follows his dreams and ensures they come true. I could not have asked for a better therapist to stand beside me and work with me. We have built an amazing friendship together and I only wish Kai all the best in his future career path. I am sure many of you are also going to be shocked and sad that he is leaving us.

The benefits for Kai are that he will be close to his dad in Albury and not too far away from his mother, sister and Nan in Wagga Wagga.  We all know how important family are and maybe I can entice him back sometime for a holiday and a catch up.

Another sadness for Kai will be parting with his dear car.  This was another goal he achieved. It was his dream car since he was 6, he found it in Tassie, got a loan, bought it and looks after it like it is his baby.  The car is immaculate. Its a rare 2007 Chrysler 300cc (linen gold color) has an electric sunroof, new windscreen, brake pads and rotors. It was just serviced last month.  If you are looking for an automatic V8 this could be the car for you.  Contact Kai on 0499515499.  Serious buyers only. WORK IT
This now means that I will have to pick up my game and work a little bit harder for a while.  I intend to continue line dancing Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  As for when Kai leaves hopefully I will have found another therapist to assist me. I am hoping someone may know a mature aged beauty therapist that also has a passion for skin and can do amazing facials and hand massages. I will train them up in products, skin consultations and Collagen Induction treatments.

If you know of anyone that would like to work at my home with me please get them to contact me. I am happy if they want to do other beauty therapy treatments also. i.e. waxing, nails, lashes etc.

Many people are struggling at the moment and I have heard that our local Women’s Shelter is in need of some assistance with toiletries especially hair brushes, combs, hand sanitiser, toothpaste, hand cream, soap and note pads with pens.
We have previously done fundraisers for this cause and like before I will organise a raffle prize of dermaviduals and Moo Goo skin care.  Everyone that donates will go in the draw for a chance to win it.
You can either bring your donations here to your appointment or make a time with me to drop them off.   I know how generous and kind hearted my clients are so I am sure we will be able to gather some goodies together to give to this worthy cause. Remember every little bit will help someone.

Anti-ageing dates with our fantastic doctor who specialises in Dermatology. These are the next dates.  We had another fantastic day on Saturday and I thank you all for recommending your friends to come here for treatments.

15th August,
12th September,
10th October.

All bookings are made through my business. If you’d like an appointment please contact me on 0438 311 297.

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