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LED Light Therapy and Facials

LED therapy is a safe light therapy that can help with a number of skin conditions. This low intensity light stimulates cells to repair and regenerate, slowing down collagen breakdown and increasing collagen production.

LED light therapy can help with:

  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Collagen stimulation
  • Skin flushing
  • Scarring
  • Surgical healing
  • Acne treatment
  • Improve healing times in general

Red Light Therapy

the red and infrared wavelengths aimed at the skin have a number of benefits:

  • Increases blood flow, delivering nutrients and other cellular growth materials to the treatment site.
  • Stimulates collagen production to strengthen sagging or wrinkled skin.
  • Opens the lymphatic system for improved drainage of toxins .
  • Increases oxygen and blood flow to facilitate wound healing.

For any further information regarding this treatment please contact Mary from Mary’s Skin Care in Launceston on 0438311297 or email


You are a UNIQUE individual that requires a bespoke (customised) solution for when it comes to providing a facial treatment service to the largest organ of your body… your SKIN!

The results Mary’s clients’ enjoy come from a combination of science, skill, passion and compliance. Mary will meticulously assess your skin problems and concerns, and then use her skill to customize each client’s treatment protocol addressing your concerns, skin type and conditions.

Client’s contribute by ensuring they too play a role in their journey to skin health by complying with their recommended daily home-care prescription.

Note: Prior to ANY facial treatment service, a comprehensive Advance Skin Analysis/Consultation must be conducted by Mary or Rachel to ensure the very best outcome when it comes to your tailored skin treatment program.

An enzyme facial will gently cleanse and exfoliate your skin with our mechanical abrasion.  As we age our skin becomes thinner so we don’t want to be peeling, scraping or burning it off. (NO PEELS, MICRODERMABRASION, HYDRABRASION OR VIBRABRASION PLEASE UNLESS YOU WANT TO AGE FASTER.

A Terra Sana Clay mask is combined with water or creams and serums and massaged over the face with brushes.  It helps to draw out impurities, soothes and calms without over drying and promotes skin protection and healing, helps to clear blemished and de-congest pores.

The Alga based mask is suitable for all skin types, especially blemished skin . It has actives of alga spirulina maxima (which is rich in Vitamin B). Its hydrating, cooling, soothing, helps with healing and skin regeneration.  The powder is mixed with water and to a paste and then applied to the skin with actives under it. The mask solidifies and is removed as a flexible film.

Base modelage contains the algea component algin; a polysaccharide.  It is applied like the alga based mask. It increases the skin hydration, improves the penetration of active agents and tightens the skin.

These masks can be applied all over the face covering the eyes and mouth if you are not claustrophobic, if you are they can be left uncovered.

Repair Barrier Treatment.   (45 Minutes) -$85.00

If you’re not using dermavidual products or require some barrier repair, I have a 45 minute facial treatment tailored for you.  It has been designed as a ‘pick me up’ when oxidative stress is relatively high.  Your face will be double cleansed and some products applied. You will be cocooned in the healing blanket whilst the LED will be used to treat your face.  As per usual, your Corneotherapist will personalize your treatment based on your skin while taking into consideration your skin’s needs and the harsh environmental climate to deliver the best treatment outcome for you on the day of your appointment. 

Express Facial (1 Hour) – $125.00

Deluxe Facial (1.5 Hour) – $145.00

  • Double Cleanse
  • Customised Enzyme Treatment
  • Treatment Tonic
  • Serums
  • Treatment Mask
  • ULM Energy healing blanket
  • LED

Customised Enzyme Treatment