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Welcome to Autumn. It doesn’t seem like long ago since it was Christmas and now we have Easter only a few weeks away and then I am going to be taking a holiday. I will be closed over Easter and then from the 8th to 22nd April. So if you wish to see me before I go away you need to pick up your phone and send me a text message to book in. Please do this rather than sending me a Facebook message as I don’t get notifications on my business page.

I am going to keep this very short as I have so much happening at the moment. With my daily posts on Facebook and Instagram, analysing products and typing them up into an easy to read format for you, seeing clients for consultations and treatments, and I am also preparing to do an educational talk to 18 young ladies this Thursday.

These young ladies are studying beauty and make up so I am going to have a chat to them about skin care products and the toxic ingredients that may be in the ones they are using. I will also talk about marketing gimmicks such as dermatologically tested, anti ageing, for sensitive skin etc.  I am also going to show them how easy it is to make baby wipes and lip balms.  Educate them about deodorants, especially the aerosol ones and how the ingredients in some of them could be doing more harm to their bodies than they realise.

All of these things I discuss with my clients when they are with me for a skin consultation and I post about them on my Facebook and Instagram accounts so if you are on either of these and are not following me yet have a look at my page. http://Mary’s Skin Care. 
Instagram marys_skincare.

I now have my business set up to be your one stop shop for all of your skin care needs with no nasty, toxic ingredients. Everything from my medical grade range of dermaviduals skin care products.

Moo Goo

A Bit Hippy which is still Moo Goo products but the vegan range.

Dr Zoo pet care range that is made by vets for your fur babies. Yes we need to check what we are using on them also as they can also have skin conditions.

No Pong deodorant is a paste that you apply under your pits. You only need a pea sized amount and fair dinkum at the end of the day there is No Pong.  It works amazing for guys and gals. ” Remember what you put under your pits may affect your tits.”

Finally I also stock dermaviduals and dusty girls make up.
Thank you to everyone that takes the time now to buy your skin care needs from me. I love it when people come with a shopping list and also when people go home and clean out there bathrooms and make a tox box of the products they were using.

This was the box that I started with when I first began analysing skin care product ingredients. It has now spread and is overflowing with some very nasty products.  These include Ego QV products, Dermaveen, baby wipes, body washes, face care products, deodorants, lip balms and so much more.  When you book in for a skin consultation and analysis I will talk to you about some of these products and what harm the ingredients may be doing to you.  Allow 1.5 hours for this educational experience.



Our next anti-ageing clinic with our awesome Doctor who specialises in dermatology will be here again Saturday 24th March.  After that it will be 5th May and 2nd June.  Bookings are made through my business if you would like an appointment. To contact me please call 0438311297.



Finally thank you for all of your ongoing support of my business and recommendations to your family and friends.  Remember to like, comment or share my posts when you see them please or Facebook will decide that you don’t want to see them and stop showing them to you.  Thanks for all the positive feedback about my videos also.

Remember “Don’t be hairy, go see Mary”.  “What you put under your pits may affect your tits”, and “what you put on your mane may affect your brain”.