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Temporary Business Closure

We have temporarily closed our business during these crazy times, however, Kai and I are still available for product orders and deliveries. We are taking all of the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our clients and we appreciate all of you doing the same for Kai and I. We are unable to do ANY treatments at this point in time. Once things change, we look forward to welcoming you all back with open arms and BIG HUGS! Please stay safe, take care and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water rather than antibacterial gels where possible.

Mary will be returning to nursing for a while and she hopes she doesn’t have to look after any of YOU! If you can’t get a hold of Mary, message Kai on 0499515499. Remember MooGoo as your hand wash! Three BIG boxes of MooGoo products such as hand and body wash, moisturisers, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen etc came in today and they are here for ALL of your family and friends’ needs during this unforeseen time. Please don’t be buying damaging hand washes and moisturisers that will compromise your skin’s anatomical functions such as lipid (oil) production! This will leave your hands extremely dry and promote contact dermatitis. MooGoo Milk Wash as well as the A Bit Hippy Cleanser and dermaviduals Total Cleansing Cream is perfectly safe for your hands and will not damage them.

Reminder, we also stock toothpaste, deodorants… basically ALL of your skin care needs with no toxic ingredients. Please keep supporting us! Hands & Hygiene Take extra care to wash your hands more regularly in light of the Coronavirus.

Wash your hands thoroughly for 20-30 seconds (sing Happy Birthday twice) and just use soap and water wherever you are able to.

Wear gloves and/or masks when required and stay home if you’re unwell.

Mary would like to see more sensor taps installed in bathrooms, liquid soap dispensers and paper towels being used in bathrooms. The rubbish bin could be located outside the toilet area so you can use your paper towel to open the door with it and a rubbish bin outside of the toilets to dispose of the paper towel.

How about more hand washing areas in our school classrooms?  We are going to be seeing a rise in people suffering hand dermatitis from frequent hand washing and the use of antibacterial gels.  Make sure you dry your hands well and apply a good quality hand moisturiser such as dermaviduals, Moo Goo or A Bit Hippy.

Boost your immune system with a good pre/probiotic, Vitamin D, drink plenty of water,exercise and get a good amount of quality sleep. I myself take Arma Force supplements available from a chemist daily that were recommended by my Naturopath when I had shingles.

Please let us know of any suggestions you may have. We love feedback and interaction.  Keep liking, commenting or sharing our social media posts please.

Kai and I already have strict hygiene practices in place such as hand washing, gloves and masks so rest assured you will be safe here.  Anti aging updates and skin care advice – UPDATE – Anti-ageing dates with our fantastic doctor who specialises in Dermatology. These dates will depend on whether we are allowed to open up for business or not. This Sat 28th of March has been cancelled.
-25th April
-23rd May
-20th June

Now is the perfect time to pull out that Home Roller to roll those fine lines/wrinkles away! Reminder, they only last 12 months from the day of purchase) OR buy a new Home Roller and receive a 1/2 price Epi Nouvelle Probiotic Face Mask valued at $39.95! These masks are fantastic for providing adequate hydration into the skin, calming inflammation (great for post rolling), improving fine lines/wrinkles and restoring your skin’s bacterial population.

All bookings are made through my business. If you’d like an appointment please contact me on 0438 311 297. If you feel inclined, I’d really appreciate it if you would give me a Review on Facebook. Simply click here

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“What you put on your mane may affect your brain.”
”What you put on your lips may affect your liver, lymph nodes and kidneys.”
For the single ladies,” if its not on, its not going in.”