Well we have certainly been feeling the arrival of winter lately and with only a few more weeks until winter is officially here, it’s time to start rugging up!

Even though the weather has been cooling down, things have been hotting up here at Mary’s Skin Care with plenty happening!

The new IPL machine has provided amazing results and is proving to be much more effective and comfortable than the previous machine. I have been receiving fantastic feedback from clients, which is wonderful.

I recently undertook Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) training in Queensland as well as online training for this and I am now offering this treatment to clients. CIT stimulates collagen and elastin naturally and allows topical nutrients to be applied through the skin in large quantities. This treatment is suitable for fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks and acne scarring with long lasting results.

At the end of this month I am off to Sydney for Dermaviduals training from 26 to 28 May. This training will focus on Corneotherapy and Dermavidual products. Read more about Corneotherapy below.

I have also been giving quite a few referrals lately, so if you are looking for services I can’t provide such as waxing, massage, hair, clothing etc. please let me know, I have a number of contacts and I am happy to provide referrals.

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

To celebrate Mother’s Day this Sunday, we are giving away this beautiful hamper filled with some lovely treats for any Mum, valued at $130!

The hamper includes a candle, chocolates, hand towel, ASAP antibacterial face cloth, an LED treatment valued at $80.00 and of course the jar of lollies!All you need to do is guess the number of lollies in the jar, the closest guess will win.

Prize will be drawn on Friday 9 May at 5.00pm, prize must be collected from Mary’s Skin Care.

You can enter by emailing your guess to marywhite62@hotmail.com, submitting your guess at the business or comment with your response on our Facebook page.

About Corneotherapy

Corneotherapy maintains healthy balanced skin by nourishing the sub layers and keeping the skin balanced, rather than treating the symptoms of a compromised skin when problems appear on the surface. Dermavidual products restore balance to outside layers, which in turn promotes ongoing healthy balanced skin.

These products have no fragrances or preservatives which can cause irritation and no emulsifiers which are products that bind oil and water together, but then can strip the skins natural layers leading to transepidermal water loss. There are also no mineral oils or emollients which are occlusive and impair the skin from being able to produce its own oils. No dyes or colours are used which can lead to irritation or parabens and amines, which are allergy causing. A base cream is used and customised to skin care by adding only pure and active ingredients.

Find out more about Corneotherapy here.

ASAP Product of the Week

This week’s product of the week is the ASAP super B complex. This product is a potent anti-ageing serum containing a high concentration of Niacinamide and other powerful, active ingredients to boost skin to its beautiful, radiant best. ASAP super B complex assists in:

  • stimulating collagen production
  • improving skin repair & skin tone
  • energising & revitalising the skin
  • reducing fine lines & wrinkles
  • decreasing acne severity
  • boosting skin’s natural hydration

$79.00 for this week only (usually $89.00)
Offer expires Tuesday 13 May at 5.00pm

Dy Hoyle – Saturday 10 May and 26 July

Due to popular demand Dr Hoyle is fully booked this
Saturday, but will be working with me again on Saturday
26 July. Dr Hoyle provides wrinkle treatments and volume
replacement fillers. These appointments with Dr Hoyle have been very popular and book out quickly, so hurry in and book your appointment to avoid missing out.

Find out more about these procedures here.

And finally…

Thank you to everyone who continues to support my Facebook page by liking, sharing, commenting and giving reviews! Please keep supporting this page and if you have any suggestions for posts please let me know.

Mary’s Skin Care will shortly be celebrating its 3rd Birthday! Keep your eyes open for another exciting competition to celebrate this milestone.

The Mary’s Skin Care website has also undergone some recent updates, if you haven’t visited recently check it out at www.maryskincare.com.au

I would also like to wish all of my clients a wonderful Mother’s Day. Sadly, my daughter Emma will be returning to Queensland this Thursday after spending the last two weeks here. So I won’t see her on Sunday but we have shared many special times over the last couple of weeks.

Until next time don’t forget – don’t be hairy, come see Mary!