You may wonder why I am posting about cleaning an oven but after attending a very informative educational seminar about toxic ingredients in some skin care products and cleaning products, and now that I am studying cosmetic chemistry I decided to make some changes at home and try and use organic or more natural products. This was the result with no harsh chemical sprays. I will be posting some more info over the next few weeks on some of the nasty chemicals in some products and the risks of using them. Baby wipes is a very interesting one.

I tried using baking soda, salt and vinegar and leaving it to soak on the door but it didn’t work. I then used some dish detergent and an eraser sponge and hot water. Gloves on and some good old elbow grease. The racks I soaked in a fabric stain remover powder for a few hours then scrubbed with a scourer. I have been told you can also soak them in dish detergent or dishwasher powder.