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Family news.
Just another quick update of what is happening here.
I had a lovely few days in Queensland with my daughter when she returned for her last semester of her Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. She will be home again on the 18th December and I look forward to seeing her again then.
My son Nic has also been to Queensland with my husband Andrew. Nic was selected to play state touch football again for the the third year in a row, so he had a week up on the Sunshine Coast.  They managed to win one game and Nic was awarded the most valuable player for his team so I am very proud of his achievement.Skin Analysis Diagnostic Tool and Dermaviduals products.
Now it is back to business and thanks to you for being such loyal clients and recommending and referring your friends and family to my business.  I am being kept busy with treatments and the sales of Dermaviduals products. The enzyme treatment ( a blend of pineapple and papaya gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.) Combined with a LED treatment this makes a perfect hour pamper.  Book in now, your skin will love it and you will love the feeling of your refreshed skin. Refer to this link for how LED can benefit your skin.

My new skin analysis/diagnostic piece of equipment should arrive this week and I am very excited about that.  It will take the guess work out of skin analysing and give you and myself a print out of your skins condition which will enable me to better prescribe skin care products and treatments for you.    Click here to find out more about this technology or the products I am now recommending.

New Products.  Make up.
Another new product that will be in stock soon is MineralXfactor makeup.  If you read my last newsletter you would have seen my concerns about Bismuth Oxychloride, which is a naturally occurring very heavy element found in nickel, tin and silver that’s primarily used to manufacture metal by-products. What may surprise you even more is that bismuth resembles arsenic chemically, yet it is commonly found in many cosmetics! Many women will experience itchiness when wearing products containing bismuth, most noticeably when they sweat.This can often lead to nasty rashes and severe acne.  This is why I have chosen to stock MineralXfactor make up and because it is a locally owned company, and we all want to support locals right!   For any one that is interested I will be having a VIP event on Wednesday 15th October.  Bookings are essential and you will be given a mini facial and then have a colour match consultation with the director of MineralXFactor. Click here to find out more about these great products. I will have the mineral and liquid foundations, concealer and make up brushes for retail. 

Further training. 13 weeks until Christmas.
I will be away in Sydney for further dermavidual product training 20th October to Wednesday 23rd.
We are now getting closer to Christmas so I encourage everyone to start making their bookings leading up to this. If you need to reschedule it is not a problem so don’t feel bad if you do have to. I understand that things can crop up and situations can change in an instant, as long as you notify me I am happy with that.  I only get annoyed if people don’t turn up and have not let me know.

Dr. Hoyle’s dates for anti wrinkle treatments and skin checks.
Well Dr. Hoyle has certainly proven to be very popular here and for those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting him you know why.  With his interests in cosmetic procedures and dermatology he has a wealth of knowledge to share and he is also is a very down to earth, friendly professional person. Besides doing the anti wrinkle treatments you may also have your skin checked for any untoward lesions. He has already picked up on 6 clients who have had skin cancers.  If you have any concerns with lesions please have them checked, either here or by your doctor. he will be available for treatments again on Saturday 25th October, Saturday 15th November and then the 13th December. If you wish to make a booking please contact me and click below if you wish to find out more about the procedures he does.

Finally thank you all once again for your support.  It means so much to me as a small home based business to continue to see my business continue to grow.  It has now been nearly 3 and a half years since I took the step of starting up, but without you all I would not be still here today.
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