This week I have chosen Sodium lauryl sulfate. (SLS or SLES). This is an ingredient commonly found in detergents, toothpastes and shampoos etc. It is an emulsifier which gives that nice foaming effect and makes your skin feel squeaky clean. The only problem is that it can also cause trans-epidermal water loss which leads to drier skin and is also a skin irritant. Avoid if you can. I made my own foaming hand wash on the weekend. Here’s how. And if you want to know more about this ingredient read this.

Liquid Soap Recipe.

  • Water (distilled or boiled is best but not needed if it will be used within a few weeks)
  • Liquid Castille Soap (I found mine at The Organic Grocery Store Launceston)
  • ½ tsp liquid oil like olive or almond
  • Essential oils of choice for scent (optional)
  • Foam pump dispenser not liquid soap dispenser.


  • Fill the soap dispenser to about 1 inch of the top (leaving room for the bulky foaming pump and the soap to be added).
  • Add at least 2 tablespoons of liquid castille soap to the water mixture (NOTE: do not add the soap first or it will create bubbles when the water is added.
  • Add the oil (optional but it helps preserve the life of the dispenser) and any essential oils if you are using them.
  • Close and lightly swish to mix.
  • Use as you would any regular foaming soap.