Why the Vernix Caseosa is important —

The Vernix Caseosa is designed as the infants first line of skin barrier defense and contains many intricate substrates to protect the body against injury and the invasion of bacteria.

The Vernix protects mother and child against friction, sheer force, bacterial infections while also supporting the development of the Acid Mantle to which is necessary for facilitating a strong, healthy acidic pH balance for the skin’s resident and nonresident bacteria.

The pH balance of an infants skin is between the neutral and alkalinity side; ranging between 6.34 and 7.5 which makes it highly important that the residue of the Vernix is moisturized into the skin and not removed after the birthing process. Infants should not receive a bath for at least 48 hours post conception.

So how does the Vernix Caseosa form?

The Ectoderm (outside skin) forms the Neural Crest to which gives rise to the Periderm (a protective epithelial cover that protects the stratifying epidermis underneath), to which replaces its differentiating cells until the 21st week of gestation commences and then is replaced by the Stratum Corneum — the skin’s second in line of skin barrier defense (top layer of skin).

The Vernix Caseosa is made up of skin identical components (watery-containing corneocytes which are embedded within a lipid matrix of a creamy-lipid consistency; very similar composition to the multi-lamellar lipid structure of the Stratum Corneum and consist of no desmosomal attachments.

The Vernix is truly amazing. It acts as a skin cleanser, moisturizer, anti-microbial defense system and antioxidant (high in Vitamin E) which may help to protect the infant against ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species/Free Radical Damage) during this stressful time of an infants life.

It also contains Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) which is rich in Phosphatidylcholine; a physiological oil soluble substance that we require for protecting and maintaining our skin from many undesirable microorganisms, UV radiation and the future development of many skin controlled barrier disordered conditions.

Phosphatidylcholine along with DMS (Derma Membrane Structure) are the principle components found within the Dermaviduals skincare range. They are the most important components for bi-layer realignment, barrier repair, hydration and the delivery system pathway for multi-lamellar lipid structured creams, liposomes and nanoparticles to be penetrated past the Stratum Corneum and into the tissues of the underlying Epidermis.

Dermaviduals is free from the following: Fragrances, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Parabens, Silicones, Amines, Colours, Dyes and do NOT test on animals.

Dermaviduals Cleansing Milk (containing PC/DMS) demonstrates a highly advanced ‘skin in jar’ resemblance to that of the Vernix Caseosa, as both contain the following composition: Water, Ceramides, Cholesterol, Squalene, Triglycerides, Free Fatty Acids and Phospholipids such as (PC).

Can you see why it’s important to stock this skin identical cleanser in your bathroom rather than washing your newborn baby in toxic chemicals that are present within conventional products such as, Johnson & Johnson?

Fragrances, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Parabens, Silicones, Amines, Colours and Dyes in varying ratios are all going to be lurking within your conventional baby and adult care products. So many skin conditions early in life can be caused by the following list of ingredients; which means that you as a consumer have the opportunity to pay more attention to the chemistry label and not the pretty packaging.

Just because a doctor, dermatologist or nurse supplies these commonly used products doesn’t mean they have the knowledge, understanding or background in cosmetic chemistry. Follow the signs — if you can obtain these common conventional products used on your baby’s skin from your doctors, dermatologists, pharmacists or supermarkets, I guarantee you there has been a lot of ‘money driven’ marketing involved to get these products out there for the public’s eye.

Sadly, these big pharmaceutical companies sponsor a lot of medical conferences to which invest a lot of money, organization and research into their products for the public to use; and they send out extraordinary numbers of free samples to ensure they are constantly present in the offices of skin professionals for uneducated consumers to purchase. They are definitely clever marketers but they seem to know nothing about cosmetic chemistry and how these contriving factors influence the cells and systems of the skin.

Corneotherapists understand the cells and systems and cosmetic ingredients of products used in the beauty industry today, and can help to treat the CAUSE of your skin condition rather than just mask the SYMPTOM to which other skin professionals are sadly trained to do — treat the symptom of the skin condition presenting to them on the day.

Side Note: Corneotherapists will ALWAYS invest their time, energy and research to help find the leading cause of your skin condition; and will seek guidance and support from other professionals when dealing with a very challenged skin condition.

Written by Kai Atkinson