Travel is the only thing you can spend your money on that will make you richer…. and also play games with your skin!

The low humidity in the airport air-conditioning, recycled stale aeroplane air, jet lag, aeroplane food, airport coffee, too many wines in the airport lounge when delayed…Need I go on?

All of these things leave your skin dehydrated, red, blotchy, congested, sallow, shiny and looking like a bad hangover.

I fly several times a year both domestic and international (life’s tough but someone’s gotta do it!) so I have learned how my skin copes with the stress of sleeping upright for 14 hours, wearing the same clothes for 46 hours and adjusting to different time zones in short spaces of time.
I also work with many clients in my skin therapy clinic to help balance their skin after long haul journeys around the globe.

Knowing how to support your skin in transit is the best way to arrive at your destination without looking like something the cat dragged in.

The key? In-flight skin health starts before your feet have even left the ground.

The day before a flight it is really important to prepare your skin and body-

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate– drink a lot of water the day before you fly. Lets face it… we tend to drink less when flying (avoiding germ filled aeroplane toilets, mixed with never enough water in the little cups served with your meal, it doesn’t exactly encourage hydration!!).  By consuming extra the day before your body will cope a little better with less water intake on travel days.
  • Omegas– Increasing your essential fatty acid intake (fish oil) the days before you fly will help your cells to retain more water, support barrier function and also reduce your risk of DVT.
  • Moisturise-Before I fly I slather on my Dermaviduals DMS body lotion. This helps prevent my body from feeling tight and itchy in the air conditioning.
  • Anti-oxidants– Pre-flight, I apply a vitamin rich face mask to saturate my skin with anti-oxidants before the  free radical flying onslaught.

The next VITAL skin saving key is in packing the perfect carry-on! Most people go straight for the kindle and iPod. For me, it’s my skin care and comfy socks.

Here is what goes with me:

Dermaviduals Travel skin care: (*everything I take on board is 30ml or smaller in packaging so you don’t have to surrender your liquid gold at security)

  • Cleansing milk– For inflight cleansing, no water necessary, and doesn’t strip your skin of its natural lipids.
  • Face Tonic– A spritz for hydration and refreshing, my hero for feeling fresh and revitalised mid-flight.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Liposomes– The ultimate serum for serious cellular hydration (I highly recommend this to every flight attendant I meet!!!).
  • Eye Gel– Hydrates and protects delicate eyes,  refreshing them after an awkward, upright nap. (I apply this several times on long haul flights)
  • Lip Repair– Dry, cracked lips are not attractive, especially on my flight’s home when the first thing I want to do is plant a big kiss on my husband!!
  • Oleg Gel– a little tub of oils and triglycerides that are perfect to give your skin barrier support and nourishment (I apply a tiny amount of this over the top of my hyaluronic acid serum)
  • Altitude Oil– by De Mamiel,  an antibacterial, anti-viral and antiseptic blend of essential oils that protect the immune system, place a few drops on a tissue and inhale deeply- this has been a godsend on the flights where I’ve been placed next to a sickly, coughing travel companion.

Optional, but totally worth it, extras:

Empty water bottle– ok.. this should really go in the ‘essential’ section. You can’t take water through security but I ALWAYS fly with an empty water bottle. Once the plane has taken off I head to the flight attendants station and ask them to fill it for me (remember to ask smile- you’re gonna need a top up so keep it friendly!)

Travel Pillow and Eye Mask– Sleeping while flying is never glamorous (unless of course you are blessed to be flying business- in that case you can gloss over this section- I’m green with envy!) For those of us in economy a travel pillow and eye mask can be a godsend- shutting out the rest of the world. Sleeping in transit is the best way to avoid jet lag.
Ear plugs are also an option!

Pashmina– these guys are multi-purpose, as an extra blanket, stuffed behind your lower back for support, tucked around your neck to keep the chilly air out, I carry one everywhere I go!

Comfy Socks- No matter how tropical your destination- always pack a pair of comfy socks. When sitting for long periods of time your circulation gets quite sluggish. Your twinkle toes will love you for wrapping them in cottony goodness.

Loving your skin means going that extra mile every day and doing the right things to help your skin manage with the environments we place it in.

These tips are personally tried and tested and are guaranteed to have you arriving at your destination without having the skin blow out or arriving with the “hangover face” that is a risk when flying around the globe.

Bon Voyage!!!

Love Robyn McAlpine
Skin Therapist. Skin Lover. BS Hater